We’ve talked a bit about merchant cash advances and small businesses in this blog, but we felt like it would make sense for us to talk a bit about our partner program. We, just like any business, have to find a way to promote what we do in order to grow and reach businesses all across Canada. One of the ways we do that is through the internet. But to a large extent we rely on people on the ground that deal with merchants on a regular basis.
If you compare us to the banks, the first thing you’ll notice is that we don’t have branches or any physical storefronts at all for that matter. The banks have such a large integrated distribution network of branches to push their solutions out to the public that we don’t stand a chance to compete with them at that. So what we do is we work with people who already work with merchants and offer commissions for bringing in business (it is predominantly paid out overtime as the advance is paid back). It’s a great system that has allowed the industry to grow to where it is today.
Today we met with a really sharp guy that knows his stuff and we’re tremendously excited to work with him. If you are reading this blog and you work in the financial services industry, or you happen to work with a number of merchants that would benefit from flexible financing that does not require collateral, please send us an e-mail at service@merchantadvancecap.com and we’ll give you some more information. We believe that we have a great program that is easy and simple to manage!
We hope you have a fantastic Canada Day!!