This week’s blog post is off-topic, but hey, this is our blog so we can write about whatever we want! We all could use some quality entertainment and what better place to look than on youtube.
The headline article these past few days has been the gulf oil spill and how it seems as though BP has finally plugged the hole that was causing the leak. It’s a big day in history that hopefully marks the end to what is truly a devastating tragedy, as long as no other leaks occur as a result of the plug. This reminded us of a spoof on youtube about the whole situation, that you can watch here. Fortunately, it seems as though BP’s various ideas have finally resulted in a solution. Now the company needs to deal with the legal costs of the disaster for years to come, which could result in the whole ordeal costing anywhere between $40-100 billion (yikes!) according to the media.
Our second bit of youtube entertainment for our readers is the OK Go Rube Goldberg Machine. A Rube Goldberg Machine is a deliberately over-engineered machine that performs a simple task. The band OK Go, which became famous after their youtube video gone viral “Here It Goes Again”, commissioned a large group of professional engineers to create a Rube Goldberg Machine that is perfectly timed with the song. The machine runs for over three minutes and it is one continuous camera shot. It is truly an amazing feat and you can watch the video here. This article in Wired magazine goes through just how difficult it was to build this astonishing creation.
We hope you enjoyed these tidbits and wish you a fantastic weekend!