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Five Daily Must-Dos to Keep your Business Humming

Five Daily Must-Dos to Keep your Business Humming

This is a quick read that really hits the mark. As businesses grow and new stresses seem to take over your days, keys parts of your business can fall by the way-side. This article has 5 daily Must-Dos to keep your business strong. None of these items are too difficult and therefore can be easily pushed aside. However neglected too long and they each have the potential to become a monster. So? Make a plan, set a schedule and ensure that you hit each of these topics daily to keep your business humming along strong!

Five daily must-dos to keep your business humming

One of the realities of running your own business is the need to nurture it every day.
When you’re not an employee who can punch the clock at 5 p.m. and then walk out the door, the responsibilities are non-stop. If you quit moving, the business can grind to a halt. That doesn’t mean you have to work all the time, but it definitely means keeping the pedal to the metal.
Here are some important, if not fundamental, things that should be part of your daily to-do list:
1. Keep the sales machine humming
Whether business is strong or struggling, you have to keep on selling. You can work on sales calls, cold calls, the creation of sales and marketing material, social media activity, or presentations. Whether it’s a hard sell or a soft sell, the funnel needs to be kept as full as possible.
2. Network, network and network some more
A strong network is among the most valuable assets that a business can have. It is the people and the companies within your network that can drive sales, generate new customers and opportunities.
3. Keep your books up to date
Too many business, particularly small ones, stuff receipts and invoices in a shoe box, and then spend hours wading through it every few weeks or months. A better approach is to spend time on your books every day. Even if it is only a few minutes, it can be enough to maintain control of your finances and, as important, avoid the dreaded shoebox pile.
4. Love your customers
While it is important to attract new customers, your existing customers should get a lot of TLC because they have already made the commitment to do business with you. If you meet their needs, there is a better chance they will give you more business.
5. Keep exploring ways to do business better or differently
Your business will change and evolve, customers will come and go, and the economy will rise and fall. All that means that you can’t be complacent or stick with the status quo, or your business could become stagnant.
Instead, you need to explore new tools, services and approaches to keep things in your business fresh and current.
MARK EVANS – Globe and Mail Update –

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