Attracting customers isn’t easy. More than ever, consumers are overwhelmed by the extent of choices out there; companies big and small competing for their business. How do you stand apart? Even if you’re a business-savvy entrepreneur with a knack for advertising, reaching your target audience without breaking the bank can be a challenge.
Advertising exposure is critical to a business’ growth and is necessary to lay the foundation for new ventures and new ideas. Gaining and capturing public attention is no easy feat, as consumers have high standards and are paying greater attention to commercial presence in the community.
Marketing campaigns allow small businesses to stake their share in the industry by introducing consumers to their unique products and services. We at Merchant Advance Capital have had the pleasure of extending funding to countless Canadian entrepreneurs who have turned their capital into successful marketing campaigns which attract and retain clients!
Check out this awesome link from the Canadian Government which gives some helpful budget-friendly tips for small-business advertising.  Get those creative juices flowing!