Studies show that more and more shoppers are avoiding credit card payments and instead opting to use their debit card more than ever. It seems the trend of ‘paying later’ isn’t as popular, as many Canadians are wary of getting into additional debt. So the question remains: cash or credit? Debit usage actually surpassed the use of traditional credit cards in the last few years. Debit sales are trending higher than ever, and merchants can take advantage of this technological shift. Debit card usage is expected to continue to skyrocket in the upcoming years, which is good news for all of the merchants and merchants processing services that MAC works with. Having greater revenue through debit and credit sales means that businesses can qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance of a higher amount than if those sales were made through cash. The program works well for businesses who do a high volume of debit and credit sales, but who also bring in cash on a regular basis. This model of lending has helped hundreds of Canadian small businesses to qualify for needed working capital in order to invest in the success of their businesses. Onwards and upwards! Call the team at Merchant Advance Capital, at 1 866 240 3694 ext 813 to find out more about our Merchant Cash Advance or Business Loan programs. [feather_follow]