As a consumer, you make choices every day between competing businesses. The choice of where to spend your money sends a signal through the marketplace that ultimately influences which types of businesses will succeed in your community and which will falter.
Along with thousands of other consumers, your purchasing decisions can have significant impacts on the local community and the environment. This is nowhere more evident than in the choice between buying at locally owned businesses versus corporate chains. Among other benefits, shopping at local businesses helps to keep more money within the local economy, provides more employment opportunities locally and reduces environmental impacts with shipping from distant locations.
One of the perks of buying from independent, local businesses is you get to interact with owners and staff who are more invested in their business. Often, this translates into better customer service and a more engaging experience for the consumer.
Local businesses often succeed by creating a niche in the marketplace. While it can be difficult for small-scale local businesses to compete against large corporate chains on price, they can succeed by specializing their products and providing high-quality service.
The wide diversity of independent businesses also helps to shape the unique character and image of a community. Not only does this make the local area more attractive and engaging for residents, but also more appealing to tourists.
Support your community; shop local!