At Merchant Advance Capital, we love when National publications run stories on our industry. Unlike some of our competitors, we’re not afraid of the publicity and lavish a chance to demonstrate to the public how we help small – medium sized businesses Canada-wide to succeed.

Check out the Globe and Mail’s article below, which details a little bit of behind the scenes of the merchant advance industry, and the alternative financing space in general. A little creativity coupled with a growing demand for alternative lending practices has shown a huge growth in the Canadian landscape, and programs like ours have been able to offer financing to business owners who wouldn’t be able to qualify for traditional bank loan products.
Every client is unique, and every deal we build has their unique specifications in mind. When designing a new customer profile, we’re careful to keep in mind the unique business needs of the client. We’ll work with you to ensure your financing is compatible with your industry type, seasonality and profitability. Our team of underwriters have a wide breadth of financial experience between them and are excited to better educate merchants about the financial aspects of borrowing in relation to their business.
Check out The Globe’s article at this link, and contact our Team for more information; we’ll be delighted to help!