A new Canadian study has encouraging data for the future of our nation’s entrepreneurial zest and creativity. The Bank of Montreal recently ran a survey in which post-secondary students were prompted to disclose whether or not they’d have any interest in starting their own efforts at Canadian entrepreneurship after graduation. The results are promising.   grads   Of the surveyed students, 46 percent indicated that it’s an endeavor they’d be interested in pursing, whether it be full or part time. A large portion of the participants indicated that while entrepreneurship was of great interest to them, they would ensure that a full-time ‘safe’ career was also in the cards. Sadly enough, these statistics may be a result of the skewed opportunities that currently exist for recent graduates in today’s job market. Many students admitted that they were less than confident about finding a job in their chosen field at the time of graduation. Female students reported even greater uncertainty in this case, which is why some analysts are hoping to see a shift towards female entrepreneurship in the next few years. If young female students can get excited about the prospect of starting their own business, perhaps this will drive them to take matters into their own hands; especially if they’re not confident in the current employment opportunities available to them. It’s refreshing data. Ambition, innovation and a desire to contribute to Canadian economy is clearly of fundamental importance to today’s graduates, who have the whole world ahead of them. [feather_follow]