We recently wrote an article about the heightened interest in entrepreneurial pursuits amongst young grads. While their budding motivation is inspiring to Canadians nationwide, not every student wishes to embark on their own business endeavor.
When hiring for your small business, consider recent grads. These young people are motivated and come equipped with the necessary mental intellect to do some seriously helpful stuff for your business. If you’re a Canadian small-medium sized business, you’re an attractive employer for many of these young minds, who are hesitant to join a large and sometimes un-engaging corporate culture.

They want to make a difference with their work, and are often compelled to get involved with a start-up industry or small shop where their dedication will make a difference. Workopolis recently posted a great article entitled ‘Top 10 most in-demand jobs for recent grads’ (see below) that’s especially relevant to the shifting needs of business owners in today’s business climate.
In a society where engaging customers through social media and online platforms is of growing importance, roles like these shouldn’t be overlooked by potential employers in an effort to cut costs. Listed in their list of rapidly-growing jobs are the following:
Customer Service Representative. Are you the kind of business who could benefit from hiring an individual to track, maintain and grow your network of clientele? Maybe your client retention programs could be redesigned to encompass a wider audience, and gain access to potential customers who aren’t being targeted by your current marketing objectives.
Search Engine Optimization Specialist. All of your online maintenance can be delegated to this individual. They’ll ensure that you’re actively engaging your clients and will help you build your online reputation. While you might think that this is the kind of role that can be allocated to yourself or another member of your current team, investing in someone who knows their way around the internet and various social media platforms is worthwhile.
Check out the other notable positions listed in Workopolis’s article below. Let’s get our Canadian grads active in Canada’s business economy!