We’re always into the concept of balance, and staying zen is totally key. Business owners and entrepreneurs are constantly on the go, and being able to re-boot your system is important to your personal and professional success. We’ve come up with a few tips on how to choose the ideal balance between work and play. Suggestions welcome!
Remember that even though it’s a roller coaster ride, it doesn’t have to be un-balanced. The most successful entrepreneurs will often praise the ebb and flow of work/personal balance, and how they’re able to stay grounded because of it. ‘Burning out’ is a concept all too familiar with entrepreneurs, and not something that is easily corrected.

1. Have a routine – and stick to it!
The chaos of an uncertain schedule doesn’t mean that you can’t have parameters in place to keep you balanced throughout the day. Try to set aside a certain time each day for certain tasks that can be successfully completed in the allocated time frame.
2. Exercise and Eat Right
No excuses here. As hectic as your day may become, eating junk food doesn’t have to play a role in your day. Exercise might be harder to squeeze in, but shouldn’t be impossible. Remember – balance! Don’t over-exert yourself, but remember that healthy eating habits and exercise are important to your overall psyche.
3. Keep your Friends and Family Close
One of the best things to do. Stay grounded, stay sane. Don’t forget about the people who have helped mold you into the person you’ve become today. One of the most important lessons that can be learned from a professional and personal co-existence in your life.
4. Keep the Technology at Bay
If you don’t absolutely require your phone for a few hours, or over the weekend; get rid of it! There’s no reason you need to be connected all of the time, but clearly being accessible to colleagues is an important part of business ownership. Just remember to ease up on the technology overload; do yourself a favor!