Your business’s digital presence. It’s important. Whether or not you’re actively engaging in your business’s social media, you care about your online presence. It would be ludicrous to ignore the rants and raves that are happening in real time as they relate to your business and your branding. Staying consistent with your social media will help to positively influence customers perception of you and your business.

Your digital presence should be representative of you professionally and personally, if appropriate. Depending on your industry type, thought should be given to the types of attention that you are seeking to gain recognition in your community. If your industry type would benefit from increased brand awareness, funds should be allocated to ensure that marketing plans have been initiated and marketing material is abundant when need be.
Don’t skimp! Customers are smart, and they’ll catch on if they think you’re attempts to lure them in are not genuine. Listen to them and their needs and interests. Let them dictate the most suitable social media campaign for your company. Don’t assume that you should take note from the competition; often others are as unaware of their online presence as you may be.
One of the most common uses of our funds is for marketing; especially when we’re working with chic retail stores or niche restaurant businesses. They understand that they need to cater to a specific clientele in the community, and they spare no expense in making sure they’re relevant and hip in today’s market place. The MAC team has worked with marketing specialists before and is happy to help small business owners discuss investment options into their small businesses.
Maybe hiring a SEO specialist is primarily beneficial for your business? Maybe re-designing the store will be a more effective use of funds. Either way, having the capital ready for these endeavors is important. We’re here to help! Let us know if we can offer suggestions or insight into your small business marketing habits, or if you have business funding questions in general.