This post will be somewhat different than the usual – the Merchant Advance Capital team as a whole is taking the upcoming weekend to escape the stultifying heat of the British Columbian summer of 2014, and we thought it might be appropriate to leave you with some weekend thoughts on the idea of doing just this type of thing: namely, taking free time and using that time to help develop workplace culture. Despite being a small office in terms of manpower, we are collectively very proud of the sense of workplace culture and identity that our employees share. And we don’t necessarily mean the oft-satirized, somewhat standardized model of “corporate team building” – rather, by fostering the sense of a team composed of diverse and interesting personalities, and allowing those personalities to interrelate and unwind in the same time and space, the everyday interactions between the members of that team become strengthened.
We often work with others in a relatively narrowly defined context. Broadening that context through the development of a close-knit workplace culture allows the explicit or deliverable goals of your business – for us, this often comes down to helping our clients move forward in the shortest time and with the best confidence in their financial future – to become influenced by the positive relationships that have been built between employees. Taking the time to engage in team activities also provides an alternative, non-workplace venue for the sharing of experience, knowledge and advice between team members that may otherwise not have a chance to be discussed during regular business hours.
Potential clients, business partners, investors and other collaborators may have a keener eye for good chemistry in your business than you might otherwise think. Customers who love certain businesses, be they coffee shops or financial advisors, may often remark on “good vibes” that are felt when they walk into those places and observe the owners and employees therein – this vibe might just be an indication of a subconscious communal commitment to being excellent at whatever it is your business may do. Don’t underestimate the value of taking the necessary time to build this commitment – to get your employees to see the connections between their various talents and actions, and how those actions may relate to the overall mission statement and success of your business.
In other words – once in a while, go hang out! It could prove more valuable to your business than you thought possible.