Welcome to another edition of The Merchant Advisor, our monthly newsletter that goes out to email subscribers as well as to all the readers of this blog. This month, we took some time to think about learning, growth, and changing direction for the better. Click below to read the full text (with some extra material that had to be cut from the email edition) of this month’s Merchant Advisor! 
It is the tail end of a long, and very hot, summer here at Merchant Advance Capital. August is the time of year when the familiar phrase “back to school” begins to reappear in the window displays and on the streets of Canadian cities and towns, and we believe that there is never a bad time to learn about what you can do to help your business succeed.
We hope you have been enjoying the brisk schedule of updates – as well as the new, more readable visual scheme – on the Merchant Advance Blog as well as on our Twitter and Facebook feeds. These pages are designed to be places of learning, where you can find all kinds of insightful content that may provide new information or a change of perspective that can help you reach your small business goals. Whether we’re posting book reviews, comments on the latest forward-thinking ideas in the small business marketplace, advice for getting the most out of your own social media presence, or shared content from other respected members of the community, we have designed the content on these pages to be an open forum for the Canadian small business owner, and to expand on our existing expertise in the field of alternative small business lending.
Our team was able to take some time to learn more about each other on our recent staff retreat to the Shuswap Lakes in BC: aside from the chance to take in the beautiful scenery, we had the opportunity to come together as a group, share stories, get to know new faces, and work together to surmount unexpected challenges. We also took the opportunity to celebrate the contributions of Senior Underwriter Alex Suto, who will be moving eastward (though remaining with the company) to pursue new personal goals – we look forward to her continued dedication and hard work in support of our clients. In combination with the ongoing diligent work being done in our Toronto office, we hope to be able to offer even more support for small business lending clients in Eastern Canada in the coming months.
At Merchant Advance Capital we build success by studying and understanding the story of your business and its needs in order to provide the fastest, most flexible form of financing that will help you meet your goals. Contact us today to learn how Merchant Advance financing can work for your business.