It’s an interesting thing to consider that practically everyone carries around a multifaceted digital ecosystem in their pocket these days. Saying that “there’s an app for that” has almost become a mobile-world cliché, with user-experience-optimized platforms launching daily to connect consumers with brands, products and services. Some of these apps are useful for gaining feedback, boosting business or creating new service models for small businesses: others can leave users wondering why they exist in the first place.app_store_icon___template_by_michel0000-d3lfuvq
App development is becoming an increasingly simple, cost-effective and democratized process – much like the transition from the early days of web design (when even basic site-building could cost thousands of dollars) to the modern “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” simplicity that allows anyone with very little design or coding experience to build a simple platform for their business online.
Digital researchers recently released a detailed survey on small business interest in app development. Interesting conclusions and important questions can be drawn from their data: namely, do small businesses have an interest in creating apps? For what reasons? Will the investment – both in terms of development cost and upkeep – pay off? And in what sectors is app development most desirable?
The full, detailed study and its conclusions can be found here. Here are our top takeaway points:

  • Size Matters. The number of employees a business has (and by extension, the scale of its budget and goals) has a strong influence on the desire to build or upgrade mobile apps.
  • Mobile = Loyal. Engaging your audience “in the moment” is a great way to keep customers engaged and to communicate to them when it matters most – notifying them directly when you launch a promotion or sale, and keeping the interest of loyal patrons over time by giving them direct access to what they need.
  • Build for Customer Experience. As the study indicates, “…users evolve, becoming more demanding, savvy, and time poor, which means businesses need to adapt as well.” If a mobile app allows customers to solve an immediate need more quickly, thoroughly or in a more streamlined manner, improving the experience of dealing with your business, it is doing its job!