Since our inception, Merchant Advance Capital has been a supporter of small businesses as advocates for the communities in which they live. Just by being a part of your community, you can fuel local identity, create jobs, and make the place you live better for all those who you share it with. We know that small businesses want to do more for their communities: to go greener, to support louder, to make a real difference, an impact. This is why we’ve created the Good Cents loan program.
Our Good Cents Loan program specifically funds improvements to businesses that will positively impact the community or environment around them. Many businesses want to be more sustainable or socially responsible. We’re a lender that sees the value in that.
There are a ton of great reasons to take out a Good Cents Loan. If you’re a….

  • Restaurant, you might want to cut energy use by 30% by replacing equipment with more energy-efficient models.
  • Auto repair shop, you might like to cover costs of financial literacy classes for employees.
  • Plant nursery or florist, and you’re thinking about installing solar panels on your greenhouse.
  • Hair salon, and you’d like to reduce your environmental footprint through changing products and vendors.
  • Cleaning service, and you were thinking about upgrading your fleet of vans – maybe you’d like to buy hybrid vehicles instead?
  • Retail store, and you’re pursuing a social impact certification, such as organic, fair trade or B Corporation and you need a loan to cover the application costs.
  • Franchise, and planning to renovate your business to be more physically accessible to employees or customers with unique needs.

You can learn more about the Good Cents loan, social responsibility, and making an impact in your community: just visit us at this link.