It is hard to define what an effective business leader is. What traits does an effective business leader possess? Are there certain things that effective business leaders do? Managers or founders of small businesses may look to a certain business leader as a sort of benchmark to follow, when really they should be focusing on developing their own leadership traits.
We have compiled a list of some of the best traits to develop to become an effective leader within your business.


Great leaders find the opportunity to teach and inspire their employees. Whether it be providing technical training for the marketing team, or holding a company lunch to inspire employees to strive for one future vision of the company, inspiring your team can have significant results.
In order to inspire, you need to come up with a vision that serves as the content of the inspiration. As soon as you have figured that out, share that vision with your employees to ensure they are headed on the right track.


To become an effective leader within your business, you must have focus. This means minimizing distractions and spending time on necessities. Leaders can’t get caught up in trivial things and devote time to tasks that are mundane.
Part of finding focus, is optimizing your day to rid yourself of redundancies. This can mean scheduling your day so you only allow a certain period of time per task. As some tasks may become further away from being finished, the longer you spend on them.


Integrity goes a long way in business. If you carry yourself with integrity, there’s a good chance your employees will begin to carry the same trait. Not only will it serve you internally, but it will build trust externally. By conducting yourself with integrity and authenticity, you maximize your chances of creating meaningful partnerships that could potentially fuel the growth of your business.


Tied into integrity, is transparency. How transparent you are with your employees directly correlates to how much you respect your employees. If there is a flaw within your business, it is better to be transparent about it and work to fix it, rather than kidding yourself about it and letting your team fail. Being transparent ensures everyone is on the same page, and has the same expectations about the business. There are no surprises.


Fostering a place for innovation within your business, is one of several great ways to become an effective business leader. In a business with finite resources and infinite growth possibilities, as a leader you must think outside of the box to create growth. This could mean acquisition of a supplier rather than dealing with third-parties all of the time. Innovation doesn’t have to mean new technology or completely revamping your business model. It can simply be looking at a problem and coming up with an unconventional solution. Rather than using a third-party, maybe you need to employ someone full-time to work on search engine optimization.
Integrate these traits into your daily life and there’s a good chance you will inspire your workforce, grow your business and essentially become an effective business leader.