9 Ways to Revamp Your Restaurant for Summer

9 Ways to Revamp Your Restaurant for Summer

A well-crafted ambiance has the potential to boost summer business through the roof. Throw together the perfect vibe and you’ve set yourself up for success. As prime sunshine season approaches, restaurants everywhere are looking to freshen up their look. Wondering what steps you can take to be summer ready in no time? Here are 9 ways to revitalize your restaurant for summer:
1. Lighting

New additions to patio lighting is the perfect way to create that idyllic summer ambiance customers are looking for. Not to mention, it won’t break the bank and it’s easy to set up! With a variety of types, shapes, styles and colours there’s something for every restaurant! Just make sure to stay away from cool-toned lighting as this takes away from the natural warmth of summer.
*Hint: Great lighting makes for great instagram photos so try this as a way to boost your restaurant’s exposure!
2. Floor plan

Playing around with your floor plan may take a little bit of elbow grease but moving some furniture around can transform the atmosphere of your restaurant in a few short minutes. Try to create an open and spacious floor plan that optimizes the space you have and encourages group dining. Air conditioning or fans are also a must! It’s going to be hot and you want customers enjoying food and company rather than being focused on the heat.
3. Seasonal Decor

Colour, colour, colour! What can I say. If there’s any time to bring out vibrant colours, it’s the summer! Choose colours that work well with the theme of your restaurant, tie everything together but also add a little something extra! Think Italian dolce vita. Flowers, glassware, cutlery, candles, fairy lights, there’s a world of options! Be selective in what you choose and don’t overcrowd your space!
4. Host an Event

Hosting an event is a great way to bring business to your restaurant! From trivia nights to themed dinners, people are looking for fun and unique things to try with friends this summer! Consider hosting events that require both smaller and larger groups to increase exposure. Make sure you are well-prepared and have something unique to offer. Positive feedback will lead to more potential customers and the possibility to host future events!
5. Live Music

Live music is a great way to draw people to your business! Away from typical radio music and playlists, live music creates an authentic and local ambiance! Plus it’s a great way to become involved in your community and give up-and-coming musicians an opportunity to get out there! If you are considering implementing a live music schedule into your restaurant, keep this in mind when re-doing your floor plan. Consider what the best use of space is that also makes listening to music an enjoyable experience!
6. Be Tech Savvy

Whether you like it or not, the world is completely governed by social media today. It’s how people stay in touch and discover new things, so be tech savvy! Stay on top of your social media and show off the delicious food, drinks and environment customers can expect from you! Re-post customer content and be aware of trends and fun things happening on different social media platforms. Advertise delicious food, cold drinks and a summer ambiance, then you’re set! If you need tips on how to navigate social media, check out our last post here.
7. Offer People What They Are Seeking

It’s hot and there’s plenty of people about and nothing draws in customers like a cold drink on a hot day! Whether they’re tourists or locals, they have similar needs on a summer day. Advertise drinks, wifi and good food to draw people in! Colour comes into play here as well. Fun drinks and diverse food options are always in, make your restaurant the place to be!
8. Options

A great way to drive in business is to offer options for people with dietary restrictions and limitations. Give them a place to enjoy the summer with their friends and you will open up your business to a whole market of new customers! Mocktails, gluten-free and vegetarian options are just some examples of dietary concerns to keep in mind! Make sure people know that your restaurant offers diverse dishes that are suitable for all needs!
9. Specials

Whether it’s happy hour or tapas deals, offering options that incentivize bringing groups to dine at your restaurant is a great way to bring in more business! Make celebrating summer fun, comfortable and easy!
Soak up the sun and get your business booming!
By Juliana Schneider

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