The state of regional economies is often a talking point between entrepreneurs and consumers alike. I mean, who doesn’t want increasing access to life-enhancing goods and services? Small businesses and local entrepreneurs have a unique ability to drive regional economic growth whilst maintaining a core built on community. From investments to offering new opportunities, small businesses contribute to creating thriving communities and strong social fabrics. All these are reasons to celebrate, so, let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which small businesses drive regional economies.

Investment into local products and services is one way that entrepreneurs and small businesses increase regional economic growth. Even more so than that, people are being invested in. They are being given the opportunity to expand their ideas which can, in turn, have large payoffs for the economy. People are constantly looking to solve problems in their communities but unfortunately, lack of capital often hinders this. Investing in people and their ideas fuels innovation. Innovation creates competition, which again drives innovation. Innovation leads to more effective solutions that reflect both in customer satisfaction and the environment. 
Technology has made it easier for businesses to expand and become accessible to a vaster range of potential consumers. This allows for greater economic activity, even in remote areas. New technology increases the efficiency of small businesses by allowing them to enhance their customer experience. Further, new technology improves a company’s operations efficiency. Improved operations efficiency means better customer service. Better customer service means more opportunities to gain customers. Access to more consumers funnels economic growth for small businesses which are then able to hire more employees and further support their communities.
Employment opportunities spring up all the time for small businesses. As they grow and branch out, more teams will be needed to ensure quality customer service across business locations. Further, small businesses are known for providing opportunities for many people with varied work experiences. More personal relations allow employers to give chances to recent graduates or even students through internship programs. As a result, a small business benefits from new and innovative individuals eager to get the ball rolling on their careers, whilst also providing them valuable work experience. This work experience is not to be minimized. It can help steer young professionals onto the right path when it comes to their career and the more passionate individuals are about their careers, the greater the benefit for the community.
Small businesses tend to keep money local. Success of local business also means more local capital which can improve schools, after school activities and other public programs. Needless to say, extra funding towards communities can help people access better services and provides more opportunities, especially for youth and the elderly. 
All in all, small businesses are helping regional economies grow. Entrepreneurs are giving people opportunities to follow their passions and solve problems through creative and efficient means. Our communities would not thrive nearly as much without small businesses, show them some love!
By Juliana Schneider