Small Businesses Killing it on Social

Small Businesses Killing it on Social

‘Tis the season to be jolly and today, we’re celebrating the end of the year by shouting out some small businesses that are slaying the game on social media! These businesses all have something unique to offer and small business owners looking to branch out online can definitely take some pointers from them!  

1. The Federal Store 

Ok, let’s be real: all we really want for Christmas is some holiday cookies from The Federal Store! They have a beautiful selection of photos that advertise their products and give their customers information about the business. Plus you really get a feel of their atmosphere and work spirit. They reach out and interact consistently with customers and make sure to update any changes. This takes advantage of the community feeling that people look for in small businesses!

2. TAV Studio 

Tell me honestly, is this not some of the most beautiful pottery you’ve seen? In a time when shopping (especially during the holidays) is all about quick consumption and mass production we tend to lose that special touch of quality and artistry when purchasing things. TAV Studio’s Instagram showcases its beautiful products but also adds a personal touch that really allows consumers to understand and appreciate the product on a whole new level. Aesthetically, TAV Studio’s account is clear and consistent and shows a great deal of customer dedication. Go TAV!


ZALESKA really highlights that consistency is key and shows a fundamental understanding of how to successfully advertise its products. Not only are the colours and content consistent, which enhances the overall cohesiveness of the account, but it also builds a clear image of the company culture. Plus, ZALESKA doesn’t just show its jewelry alone, it has a variety of content that showcase its jewelry in different situations and on different people. This diversity of content makes the products extremely appealing and allows customers to get a sense of what the company offers. 

4. Soar Organics

Soar Organics highlights that consistency really is key! It showcases a variety of products and conveys the cozy, serene atmosphere that their products have the potential to create. Alongside its beautiful pictures Soar Organics adds a personal caption that really connects the consumer to the brand. It lets the consumer know that there is a hard-working team behind the company that values its customers and the quality of its products. Kudos!

5. Babs Scribbles & Creations

Being effective online is all about creating and showcasing not only your product or service but also customer experiences. Babs Scribbles & Creations does this perfectly. There’s a variety of content that showcases what products and services are available and how customers integrate these into their events. Further, there is consistency in posting that keeps the customers up-to-date with new products, services and options available to them! 

All these businesses are absolutely killing the game. They are clear, effective and showcase the type of business they are. They take into consideration how customers interact with businesses and what they are looking for in their products. This creates that personal touch that really shows why small businesses rock!

Happy Holidays! Don’t forget to shout out and support your favourite small businesses this season (and all year to be honest)!


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