Case Study – Blowers & Grafton

Case Study – Blowers & Grafton


Iconic Canadian East Coast Cuisine 

Blowers & Grafton is a restaurant and bar that has a menu based on iconic Halifax and Canadian East Coast foods and drinks with a focus on sharing East Coast culture with the rest of Canada. They opened their first location in March 2017 in Calgary. They now have 3 locations in Calgary & Edmonton and are continuing to look for opportunities to share the East Coast with the rest of Western Canada.



A Need for Expansion but a Lack of Options for Financing 

During the pandemic (July 2020) Blowers & Grafton were presented with a great opportunity to expand their business to a third location. As a company they were in a great position to expand even with the challenges of the pandemic. However, traditional banks had little appetite in funding a new restaurant venture even though they were positioned well from a financial perspective. Despite bankers agreeing that providing Blowers & Grafton financing made sense, their hands were tied due to the policies banks put in place towards lending to the restaurant industry during a time of uncertainty.

“We approached Merchant Growth and very quickly we were able to establish our financial health and they agreed to provide us the necessary capital to grow our business. They were able to see the opportunity that we were seeing that traditional banks would not fund”.”

Samim Aminzadah, Owner – Blowers & Grafton


Merchant Growths Convenient and Fast Financing Options

Blowers & Grafton owner Samim then approached Merchant Growth and very quickly Merchant Growth not only were able to establish the restaurants financial health but they also agreed to provide the restaurant the necessary capital to grow their business. Merchant Growth was able to see the opportunity that owners of Blowers & Grafton saw and that traditional banks did not.



Expansion of the Business

Blowers & Grafton used the funds provided by Merchant Growth to then build the restaurants third location and despite the pandemic they were able to quickly pay back the financing they received from Merchant Growth. Now Blowers & Grafton is in great shape to take on further growth post pandemic.

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