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Supporting Families and Building a Sense of Community

Aboriginal Choices offers unique and supportive assistive programs for children and their families. With the goal of developing skills for future success and remaining connected to their local Indigenous communities, the programs offered through Aboriginal Choices and individualized and adapted based on the particular needs and circumstances of the child or family, overseen by their caring and understanding professionals.

They are connected to individuals and families that they work with through the Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) or a Delegated First Nation Agency (DFNA) in Alberta. These agencies work with Aboriginal Choices by offering their programs on a fee-for-service or contractual basis.

With their programs guided by the Client-Centered and Trauma-Informed Approaches, the primary focus is to provide children, youth and families with continual guidance and support in a safe setting while encouraging healthy family environments and individual growth.



Unforeseen Expenses and the Challenge of Contracts

Aboriginal Choices sought out financing because they needed the funds to cover emergency expenses as well as account for the sudden surge in fuel prices as they are a transportation-based company.

For businesses that work with contracts it can be a challenge to have the available cash flow on hand to continue to move forward with new contracts, without having yet been paid for existing ones. Without financing, Aboriginal Choices was facing the risk of current contracts being terminated, future contracts potentially lost to other businesses, a loss of existing clientele, and damage to their reputation as a reliable business.



A Straightforward Process and Timely Financing

Aboriginal Choices describes the process of getting financing from Merchant Growth as “ver simple, effective, and Clea.” The ability to get the much-needed capital quickly helped offset emergency expenses, alleviate from pressure in the short term, and avoid delays or lost work due to low cash flow.



Building a Financing Relationship

Merchant Growth Funding provided working capital that was needed to continue to offer their services to their clients. Aboriginal choices were able to also take on additional contract work without the added worry of waiting for the funds from existing contracts to be paid out. Ultimately financing helped keep them working.

Having had a positive experience working with Merchant Growth and developed that relationship, Aboriginal Choices already has Merchant Growth in mind for their future funding needs to cover other larger business expenses, a testament to the long-term relationships we also aim to build with all the small business owners that we work with.

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