We are small business financing made simple.

We are Canada’s fastest and most friendly alternative financier. Our innovative approach blends thoughtful customer care, complete transparency, and the latest technology to provide fast accessible financing to small businesses in Canada.

Our mission is to bring small business owners the most convenient and accessible financing experience.

At Merchant Growth we have the following values:

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We fight for the underdog

Everyday we work hard to level the playing field between small businesses and big corporations.

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We do more
with less

Through creativity and scrappiness, we overachieve what our resources would imply we are capable of doing.

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We build for
the future

We recognize the power of innovation in financial technology and we always think years ahead.

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We strive for

We take pride in our work and our goal is to be the best at what we do.

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We are open and honest

We are an empathetic group that values & respects others and this is reflected in how we operate.

Who Leads Us

Senior Leadership

0103David Gens WEB2
David Gens

Founder & CEO

Peleg Bartfeld
Peleg Bartfeld

President & CFO

Kevin Clark

Chief Revenue Officer

Aaron Lightman
Aaron Lightman

Chief Legal Officer

Alex PRINT 1
Alex Suto

Executive VP, Operations

Leadership Team

Anton Markushevich

VP of Sales

Aziz Ahmed

Executive VP, Technology

MANU Headshot 1
Manu Bains

VP of Human Resources

Neil Thompson

VP of Risk Management

Sean Watkins

VP of Marketing & Revenue Operations

Marcos PRINT
Elias Beaino

Executive VP, Tabit

Oliver PRINT
Oliver Paines

Head of Support

Sarah Lilley


Board Members

Cody Green
Cody Green

Founder & Co-CEO, Canada Drives

0103David Gens WEB2
David Gens

Founder & CEO, Merchant Growth

Dimitri Kosturos
Dimitri Kosturos

COO, VWR Capital

Kelly Klatik
Kelly Klatik

Partner, Cypress Hills Partners

Kevin Sandhu
Kevin Sandhu

Founder, Grow Technologies

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