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Small Business Case Study: Big Star Sandwich Co. (Richmond)


Proving That a Sandwich is  a Meal…When Done Right!

Big Star Sandwich Co. opened in March 2013 with a commitment to bring an amazing sandwich experience. Big Star Sandwich Co. are all about fresh, premium ingredients in their sandwiches and sides. With the bread prepared daily, the bread slow roasted in-house for 13 hours, along with other high quality meats and cheeses, attention to detail is what makes their sandwiches stand out, besides their massive size, of course.

Their mission is to show people that yes, a sandwich can be a meal, but it’s all about what you put in it! Since inception, they now have multiple stores across British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and are continuing to grow.



An Unforeseen Difficult Start

Many small businesses faced challenges as a result of the pandemic, whether it be the shutdowns or slowdowns. However, no industry suffered more than the restaurant industry. Due to the uncertainty of when restrictions would be lifted, traditional financing became that much more difficult to access.

While takeout options did allow Big Star Sandwich Co. to stay open during this time, business was not as active as before. With available cash flow dipping, and with bills to pay in order to keep their location running, Big Star Sandwich reached out to Merchant Growth in order to help stay on top of their operation costs, such as their provincial and federal taxes.



A Much Needed Lifeline

The process of getting financing with Merchant Growth was both quick and straightforward, something that we prioritize with all of the businesses that we work with, because getting financing should never take away from actually running your business.

The boost in capital meant that they were able to clear up any outstanding payments that they had, minimizing that additional stress so they could focus on their delicious sandwiches and great customer service.



Survive and Strive For What’s Next

For a relatively young business still gaining traction, the blow that came with the pandemic was a make or break moment. Financing not only helped them get through the pandemic but has also meant a major boost in optimism with regards to the future of their business.

As they approach their three year anniversary, they are expecting business to continue to grow, now relieved to be over the pandemic lull.

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