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Starting from Scratch

Founded in 2006 by Johan Harms, Harms Trucking started off with one truck and an owner that had a desire to grow Harms Trucking into a family business. After Mr. Harms hard work growing his business being prudent with his money and making good business decisions, Harms Trucking was able to buy a second truck and began scaling the business. 

As time went on Mr. Harms was able to continue his vision of his company, of turning into a family business by bringing in his son to drive the second truck. His other son is now looking to get licensed and when the time comes Harms Trucking will look into purchasing a third truck for him to join.



The Maintenance and Upkeep of the Trucks

As any business owner you have to expect the unexpected. During spring break Mr. Harms had one of his trucks break down, which caused a large issue for his small business as now half his business is sidelined as he only has one other truck. Mr. Harms used his money to fix it up, which in turn depleted the company savings causing stress to the business.

To that end, there was now added pressure on the second truck and before Mr. Harms could even start to collect payments from his customers the second truck broke down and needed new parts. The bills started adding up so Mr. Harms reached out to Merchant Growth to help. 


“The financing helped me a lot, I was able to payoff my creditors, purchase tires and pay a parts bill that was nearly $10,000. The financing was fast and efficient I didn’t have to wait for a week or two. The whole process took a couple of days from calling to receiving the funds

Johan Harms, Owner – Harms Trucking



Financing to Help Payoff the Bills

After getting approved and financed by Merchant Growth, Mr. Harms was able to to payoff his creditors and relieve some of the stress brought on by some of his trucks breaking down. He was now able to purchase tires and pay a parts bill that was nearly $10,000. Mr. Harms goes on to say “It just popped up out of the blue, in my 15 years of business this was my first time needing to buy these parts and I did not know how expensive it can get“. The financing Merchant Growth was able to provide “Was fast and efficient I didn’t have to wait for a week or two” as Mr. Harms goes on to say, “The whole process took a couple of days from calling in to receiving the funds.”

Working with thousands of small business, Merchant Growth understands the small business owner and the ups and downs they experience and the fact that no matter your experience unexpected things happen all the time. 



A Healthy Fleet of Trucks

As a result, Merchant Growth was able to get Mr. Harms trucking business get the parts he needed. He was able to repair his trucks and cover his bills, allowing the business to move forward without financial limitations. The financing helped Harms Trucking to get the trucks back on the road right away.

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