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Small Business Case Study: Montrose


Unique Offerings and Value

Not all cannabis stores are alike, whether it’s the ambiance, their customer experience, the knowledge of their team members, or the products that they offer. Montrose prides itself on standing apart from its competitors in the cannabis sector by offering exotic strains that are hard to find, all while maintaining an emphasis on value, ensuring it remains accessible to their customers.

Having opened the business in 2021, Montrose has continually prioritized communication, both in terms of the cannabis community, but also their local community, with an emphasis on grassroots expansion and a priority on quality products and an excellent customer experience.


A Regulated Industry Reliant on Diverse and Readily-Available Inventory

Because cannabis businesses often require a high variety of inventory in order to keep up with customer preferences in addition to stocking new products in order to stay competitive and on trend, having available funds for inventory purchases remains essential.

Due to regulations in the cannabis industry that limit the frequency with which a business can purchase inventory, Montrose is only allowed to order stock once per week.

For Montrose, as their business has grown, they have found themselves in that exact scenario of needing financing in order to be able to purchase additional inventory, and increase the volume of their inventory purchases, but not wanting to have to deplete their available cash flow to do so.



Fast and Simple Funds to Help Keep Up With Demand

Funds from Merchant Growth allowed Montrose to expedite their ability to make larger purchases in a timely manner, which enabled them to keep up with demand.

Alternative lenders like Merchant Growth provide access to financing for small businesses that may have faced additional roadblocks or delays when seeking funding from traditional institutions such as banks.


The Necessary Inventory to Continue to Grow the Business

Montrose used their Merchant Growth financing to cover the cost of goods to purchase inventory, which immediately hit the shelves of their in-person and online store. The ability to purchase that additional inventory then led to a record-breaking profitable month, highlighting the value and potential that financing can add to a small business’s growth trajectory.

Their positive experience working with our team, and the fast and straightforward process of getting financing has led to Montrose being a repeat customer of Merchant Growth.

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