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Retail businesses in fashion, accessories, housewares and more are ideal candidates for a retail business financing because they accept debit and credit from customers every day. We have small business financing for retail that is unlike regular, rigid business loans in that you can use your credit or debit transactions to pay off your financing on a daily basis based on a percentage of your sales. We know your sales can be seasonal and sometimes retail shops need temporary extra cash to take advantage of inventory deals, seasonal staffing, or even debt management. That’s why we’re here.


Objective: Brand Launch

You want to take advantage of a proven product line while it’s still popular. To achieve a favourable margin you need a bulk buy of $100,000. You know that you will sell the inventory for $250,000 and it won’t sit on the shelves, but you’ll also need to do some marketing, get your ecommerce set up, and do some work on your website to get the word out. Our financing for retail businesses is perfect for this. Whether you need to boost your inventory levels for a seasonal sales spike, bring on a new buyer, hire some new staff to serve more customers, or develop an ad campaign, we can help.

Cash Outlay Price
Merchant Growth Funds: $110,000
Loan Cost $27,500
Total Repayment $137,500
Additional profit after all expenses: $140,000
ROI $112,500

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