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Merchant Growth’s Spa Financing and Salon Financing options are way more flexible than standard business loans. Retail businesses in the Health & Wellness industry are ideal candidates for the program because they accept debit and credit from customers every day. We have spa financing and salon financing that is unlike regular, rigid business loans- you can use your credit or debit transactions to pay off your loan on a daily basis based on a (very manageable) percentage of each day’s sales.
We know your sales are seasonal and sometimes salons and spas require temporary extra cash to take advantage of inventory deals, seasonal staffing, or even debt management.
Maybe you need a new website, or some new equipment, maybe you want to get a fancy new coffee maker for your clients. It’s all up to you how you use the funds. At Merchant Growth, we just want to help Canadian businesses grow.


Objective: Add a virtual imaging system

Customers want to see the ‘after’ before the cutting starts. You need about $40,000 for the camera system, software, training, shop additions and social media advertising. Your projections say you should increase same store sales 9% with existing customer base, and new repeat customers.

Cash Outlay Price
Merchant Growth Funds $40,000
Loan Cost $12,700
Total Repayment $52,700
Additional profit after all expenses $49,500
Net ROI $36,800

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