Merchant Growth’s mission is to bring business owners the most convenient and accessible financing experience.

Why Merchant Growth team members love working here

At Merchant Growth we value...

Small Business

We love to support small businesses!


Working together to find a creative solution to achieve growth is our thing.

Obsession with Improvement

We have a giant list of what we’re doing next.


We use technology to drive business forward.


Seeing you get ahead is the best thing ever.


We are honest and transparent what you see is what you get.


We hire across Canada

More than the freedom to work from anywhere, our digital by design approach is about creating new ways to collaborate and build together.

What our team says

Here at Merchant Growth we all strive towards the same common goal: to help as many people as possible and to be the best individuals we can be. Since I started here at Merchant Growth I have felt welcomed and inspired to only get better. Everyone here is truly amazing.                           

Jesse Uretsky

Inside Sales Representative

The company’s decentralized management style encourages cross-departmental collaboration while giving me the flexibility to complete my tasks independently. We are staffed with independent and motivated individuals who inspire you to develop and grow with the company.

Chin Tan

Senior Credit Analyst

The community and culture is what makes working at Merchant Growth an ongoing learning and positive experience. It has showed me that a company should always bring its people/employees together, because we are at the center of the process.                

Paul Cisse

Client Support Officer

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