A B2B Buy Now, Pay Later Solution

Leveraging the latest technologies to offer Canada’s fastest and most accessible financing to businesses at Point-of-Sale.

What is Tabit?

Tabit is a B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solution powered by Merchant Growth. Tabit provides a win-win solution for both buyers and sellers.

Buyers (small businesses) get the same payment perks as large businesses which improves their cash flow and allows them to buy more.

Sellers (wholesalers) increase their sales conversions and average order values (AOV), while eliminating administration as well as fraud and credit risk.

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Bringing the seamless experience of B2C to B2B

Tabit ensures the buyer has no reason to abandon their cart by offering flexible payment options to increase conversion and AOV.


Seller Offers Tabit

Offer the buyers the option to pay with Tabit at checkout.


Buyer Applies for Financing

Application process is only for first time use of Tabit. The process takes less than 3 minutes.


Instant Decisioning

Once the application is complete, the buyer gets a decision in less than 60 seconds.


Get Paid

Tabit pays the seller the next business day.

Simple, Automated, Flexible

One-Time Integration For Sellers

We are integrated with many commerce platforms. Simply add it and forget it. Open APIs available for in-house builds.

Grow Your Sales

More attractive payment options have proven to increase order value and frequency of purchases.

Eliminate Risk

Focus on selling. Tabit takes full responsibility for credit risk and fraud.

Improve Cash Flow

Get paid the next business day for any sales purchased through Tabit.

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