Which Financing is Best for Me?

Sourcing funding for small businesses is not always easy. However, with Merchant Growth, eligible small businesses in Canada can apply for small business financing and receive it quickly and easily.

What do we Have to Offer?

E-Commerce Financing

E-Commerce financing turns cash flows into immediate working capital for small businesses, funding you can use however you need. Your payment can be daily or weekly, providing your e-commerce business with flexible payment options to fit your business needs.

E-Commerce sites typically rely on credit card processing as their main form of payment, we simply debit your repayment from your processed transactions on Stripe, or whatever credit card processor you’re using.

Term Financing

Our Term Financing product is often better suited for small businesses that have sales which are primarily generated through cheques or deposits. Much like a business loan, we forward cash to your business up-front, and a daily or weekly payment is made automatically to repay the balance.

Term Financing is typically favoured by businesses less affected by seasonal ups and downs, and that prefer a regular, fixed payment that facilitates planning and budgeting.

Line of Credit

The Line of Credit product gives small businesses the freedom to access capital when they need it, repay it when they want to, and borrow again. The maximum business line of credit is 25% of the maximum qualifying amount that your business is eligible to borrow (credit limit).

A line of credit gives small businesses access to capital when they need it. Because interest is only paid when you withdraw, a line of credit offers both freedom and flexibility.

Small business funding minimum requirements

Merchant Growth offers small business funding options with minimum eligibility requirements:



Monthly Revenue


Time in Business

6 months

How does it work?


Complete Application

You can choose to give some details either through the online application or over the phone, and it will only take you 5 minutes.


Review Options

Our team will reach out and work with you to determine the best solution.


Get Funds

Receive your funds in as fast as 24hrs after approval.

Get started today

Complete our online application and we’ll contact you to present financing options tailored to your business needs.