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A Healthy Alternative of Fast Food 

Prairie Donair® is a completely new and innovative franchise concept available to the marketplace. They of course specialize in donairs but their menu is not excluded to that one line of available options. Prairie Donair has many health-oriented menu items that are served in a very clean and efficient manor. Customers can openly see the creation of what they are ordering, and the cleanliness of Prairie Donair’s restaurants, which are bar none. Prairie Donair is a new healthy and nutritious way of looking at fast food that is seeking to innovate and expand on its initial offerings to continue to satisfy its customer base and achieve this mission.



Lack of Support from Traditional Sources of Financing 

As Prairie Donair continued to add to their menu they realized a need to get financing to support their marketing efforts in anticipation of their new products due to be launched. Due to their lack of financing options from traditional banks they turned to Merchant Growth as their alternative financing provider in order to get the funds they needed to get their new products out to the Market. 


“We saw a big jump in sales revenues which in return resulted in higher income for us”

Joshua Bagchi, Owner – Prairie Donair



Merchant Growths Convenient and Fast Financing Options

The financing that Merchant Growth provided went to helping Prairie Donair with their marketing initiatives – getting their new products out to their new and existing customers. Prairie Donair owner Joshua goes on to say “The process was very quick and simple and the extra cash helped bridge the gap between the inputs required for marketing and the revenue.” Merchant Growth’s ability to finance Prairie Donair’s marketing activities when adding a new product to their offering has proven to be an efficient way for their small business to get the capital that they needed without having to strain their own cashflows.



New Product Launched to Prairie Donair’s Menu

After the new launch of items on Prairie Donair’s menu they saw a big jump in revenue. This in turn resulted in higher income for Prairie Donair and a successful product launch to continue to stay true to offering the healthiest options available. The financing helped keep Prairie Donair afloat and go forward with their initiatives without having to juggle funds. Merchant Growth continues to help small businesses out and provide the financing they need to achieve their business goals.

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