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At the Center of Innovation

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Terra Excel Drones prides itself on using drones and their technology as a tool for innovation. Their drones serve a variety of purposes for a wide array of industries including agriculture, emergency situations, energy, security, land conservation, infrastructure, construction, and more. 

In addition to selling drones they also offer drone technologies, drone accessories, as well as providing drone services such as inspection, certification, and training.



Financing Delays Means Customer Delays

While drones may appear to be a specialized area, the challenge that Terra Excel Drones faced is a common one among many other small businesses in Canada: it can be quite difficult to constantly have available cash flow in order to be able to buy inventory to then fulfill customer orders.

The main pain point when searching for this type of financing is speed. The longer the merchant has to wait for the funding, the longer that their customer has to wait to receive their product or service.

This is a key point that sets Merchant Growth apart from other more traditional sources of funding. Getting financing from banks often means lengthy delays in addition to a much more stringent list of requirements to be approved.



Quick Financing to Keep Up With Customer Orders

Terra Excel Drones was able to get the funds to cover the cost of the product order from their supplier. Most importantly they were able to do so without delay.  We believe in getting businesses the financing they need in a timely manner as well as without any additional hassle so they can focus on running their business.



Satisfied Customers All Around

With their Merchant Growth financing, Terra Excel Drones were able to keep up with customer demand and run their business efficiently for their customers. Needing financing for purchasing while managing cash flow is a common hurdle for small businesses and Merchant Growth will continue to help with this type of funding, with our timely and straightforward process, allowing these businesses to continue to grow in their respective industries.

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