Funding for Cannabis Businesses

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Financing for Small Businesses in the Cannabis Industry

One of the biggest barriers to growth faced by cannabis companies today is finding access to capital from traditional financial institutions. Unfortunately, the business plan of the average marijuana industry stakeholder often faces the additional challenge of arbitrary constraints imposed by banks and credit unions.

Fortunately, there are alternative lenders, such as Merchant Growth, that support Canada’s cannabis industry. For privately operated online stores or privately licensed physical stores in Canada’s cannabis sector, our financing allows you to turn the future cash flows of your cannabis business into immediate working capital that you can use right away.

Our financing options, such as a merchant cash advance or a business line of credit, are fast and convenient, providing adjustable financing conditions to match the business cycle of your company. You can pay more when you’re busy, and less when you’re not. With no collateral requirements and no hidden fees, Merchant Growth can help you get financing in as little as 24 hours!

How Can a Cannabis Business Use the Funding?

Cannabis businesses use our financing for a number of different reasons. We have seen clients use the funds for expansion, cashflow, and to purchase more inventory. Currently, there are few lenders willing to finance the cannabis industry. Merchant Growth is here to fill that gap.

The non-collateralized financing that your business can secure from Merchant Growth provides flexibility that you simply cannot get from a bank or credit union. Created to serve a wide variety of business needs, financing from Merchant Growth for your cannabis business can help with:

Small business funding minimum requirements

Merchant Growth offers small business funding options with minimum eligibility requirements:



Monthly Revenue


Time in Business

6 months

How Does It Work?


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You can choose to give some details either through the online application or over the phone, and it will only take you 5 minutes.


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Get Funds

Receive your funds in as fast as 24hrs after approval.

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