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Financing for small businesses in the Cannabis Industry

One of the biggest barriers to growth in the Cannabis industry is access to capital. At Merchant Growth we know that every retailer wants to grow their business, but they’re often hampered by stigma and completely arbitrary limitations that are difficult to work around.

Our financing allows your Cannabis business to turn your future cash flows into immediate working capital that you can use right away. It’s fast, convenient, and flexible and your payment automatically adjusts to match your business cycle. You can pay more when you’re busy, and less when you’re not with no collateral needed, no hidden fees, and we’ll get you your funds in 24 hours!

How can I use the financing?

Cannabis businesses use our financing for a number of different reasons. We have seen clients use the funds for expansion, cashflow, and to purchase more inventory. There are currently not many lenders willing to finance the cannabis industry and Merchant Growth is here to fill that gap.

The non-collateralized financing that your business can secure from Merchant Growth will allow you to have the flexibility that is not currently being offered to the industry and sets a precedence in the lending sector for other cannabis retailers. There are plenty other reasons to gets funds from Merchant Growth for your cannabis business such as:

Minimum Requirements

Minimum eligibility requirements for Merchant Growth small business products



Monthly Revenue


Time in Business

6 months

How does it work?


Complete Application

Take 5 minutes to provide a few pieces of information — online or on the phone, it’s your choice.


Review Options

Your dedicated financing advisor will reach out and work with you to determine the best solution.


Get Your Funds

Receive your funds into your business bank account in as fast as 24 hours.

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