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Financing for small businesses in the Manufacturing industry

Manufacturers are ideal candidates for our fixed financing because they often take payment via EFT, bank draft, or cheque. Manufacturing loans are useful for many reasons: helping out with cash flow, especially when suppliers don’t pay on time; hiring new workers, especially during high seasons; and triaging those emergency moments when your vital equipment takes a nosedive.

Our financing for manufacturing is a bit different than a traditional business loan though. Unlike regular, slow business loans Merchant Growth financing allows you to have quick access to working capital to fund raw materials, labor, and anything else you need to keep up with growing demand for your product.

How can I use the financing?

The manufacturing industry as we know can be unpredictable but our financing options for small businesses in the manufacturing industry are flexible and fast. We offer a fixed solution similar to that of regular term loan. We have seen customers from the manufacturing industry use their financing for many different reasons such as the below:

Small business funding minimum requirements

Merchant Growth offers small business funding options with minimum eligibility requirements:



Monthly Revenue


Time in Business

6 months

How does it work?


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You can choose to give some details either through the online application or over the phone, and it will only take you 5 minutes.


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Our team will reach out and work with you to determine the best solution.


Get Funds

Receive your funds in as fast as 24hrs after approval.

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