Software as a Service (SaaS) Financing Options

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Financing Solutions for SaaS Companies

Across economic sectors, more and more companies are embracing the flexibility, accessibility and affordability of the SaaS business model. To help your SaaS company capitalize on this trend, Merchant Growth provides a variety of financing options that offer convenient access to the growth capital that you need in order to reach new customers and improve your services. 

Merchant Growth has developed products that fit the needs of SaaS businesses, offering revenue-based financing options. These can be used to leverage your monthly recurring revenue or future cash flows for immediately accessible working capital. There are no collateral requirements, no hidden fees, just straightforward Saas finance solutions.

How Can SaaS Businesses Use this Financing?

Many small and medium-sized SaaS companies don’t have access to equity financing, but it’s important to have reliable access to capital in order to seize opportunities as they present themselves. 

Our SaaS financing solutions offer convenience and reliability because they let SaaS companies leverage future cash flows for access to more specialized growth funds when they need it. We have helped SaaS companies across Canada bolster their businesses with financing to invest in:

Small business funding minimum requirements

Merchant Growth offers SaaS business funding options with the following minimum eligibility requirements:



Monthly Revenue


Time in Business

6 months

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