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Small Business Week Canada is Here


In one of our recent blogs, Merchant Advance Capital highlighted “Small Business Month” here in our home province. We felt somewhat chagrined at having to overlook our many clients and followers across the rest of the country, but the opportunity has come up to make note of a similar, nationwide event taking place from October 19th to the 25th. 
Organized by the Small Business Development Bank of Canada, this year’s Small Business Week is themed Back To Basics: Re-Energize Your Business.” and will offer numerous seminars and events the schedule for which can be found at this link.
The idea of organizing a Small Business Week in Canada originated in 1981,and was  based on an American practice of the same name that existed since the mid-1960s. In essence, it promotes the sharing of information and ideas between small businesses of all ages, sizes and industries. Here are some of our personal recommendations for “Re-Energizing Your Business” this week!


Events such as Small Business Week provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to interact with a large number and wide breadth of business community members.  Attendance at panels, get-togethers or seminars provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and the establishment of valuable contacts with  suppliers, distributors, marketing experts, or potential customers – all great people to talk to in order to give some extra energy to your business plans.

Brand Recognition

Events offer a great moment to think about promoting existing developments in your business or taking a new idea out from under wraps. The amount of exposure on offer is potentially quite high – building awareness in person at specialized events is a low-cost option and a “back to basics” simple tactic that will let you get the word out to your target audience in an organic way.

Learning New Approaches

If a particular sales or marketing tactic, organizational method, management technique or logistical idea hasn’t been working out, many resources are available. Perhaps none of these are so valuable as receiving firsthand inspiration and instruction on how to do it in a way that’s perfect for your small business. Community events tend to bring bright minds together for just this purpose: Small Business Week 2014 features contributions from numerous local and national business leaders.


We know that small business owners are a hardworking breed. Occasionally, it can be a huge boost to your confidence simply to engage in morale-improving activities outside the normal day-to-day routine! Events, whether planned as they are by the Merchant Advance staff every so often or organized by outside parties as BDC has done for Small Business week, let small business owners be reminded of their successes and the reasons they do what it is they love to do.

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