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Keeping Operations Running with Little Downtime

ProTrack specializes in mobile & tracked crushing, screening & recycling equipment. ProTrack provides on time equipment services, preventative maintenance, inspections and recommended action reports. They work on dealer owned and customer machines with parts & service available for all equipment brands. ProTrack is dedicated to their mission:

“The goal at ProTrack is to keep our customers’ operation running at maximum capabilities with minimal downtime or interruption to production schedules. This is achieved by providing well maintained equipment coupled with excellent product support, training and service”.



Capital Needed to Get Equipment

ProTrack came to Merchant Growth with a need to finance a new purchase of equipment for tooling. ProTrack, similar to many small businesses, needed the financing in order to not tap into their cash flow to keep their business running smoothly. The reality many small businesses face is that the traditional ways of getting financing are not always options when you are looking to get financing quickly. The dynamic environments that owning a small business present require quick and efficient capital that banks can not always provide and that’s where Merchant Growth comes in.


“Working with Merchant Growth was simple, easy, and straightforward. For a new business getting funding it was pretty quick and seamless.”

Micheal Maher, Owner – ProTrack



Equipment Financing that is Fast

ProTrack reached out to Merchant Growth after identifying their need for equipment. Like many small businesses they needed the capital fast without the headache of traditional banks. Once applying Merchant Growth they were immediately connected with one of our Loan Advisors to review their business and its need for financing. Merchant Growth was quickly able to understand their business and its viability to provide capital to them. Within 24hrs Merchant Growth was able to underwrite and provide an offer to ProTrack and have them funded the same day.

As any small business would agree, the environment is dynamic and the needs are ever changing. To that end, by having Merchant Growth there to help ProTrack with their need for capital, ProTrack was able to not miss a beat and continue to drive more business.



New Equipment and Increased Revenue

ProTrack was able to get the financing they requested and make the purchase of their new tooling equipment. This equipment in turn allowed business owner Micheal to drive more business and increase the company’s revenue and ability to add more services to customers. Micheal goes on to say “Working with Merchant Growth was simple, easy, and straightforward. For a new business getting funding was pretty quick and seamless.” Merchant Growth will continue to provide the capital businesses like ProTrack need to grow and achieve their business goals.

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