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Moving Day! Tips for Moving a Business

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It’s that most unique of days for your humble blogger: moving day has dawned. Prepare to lift with your legs, not your back. In light of this, the blog considers some key advice when moving a business to a new location! Read on to discover our advice, and don’t be overwhelmed: eventually, the last box will be unboxed. The dust will settle. And you will be operating at full capacity again in no time!


Dust Off your Online Accounts

Moving your business is a great occasion to go back and check the many accounts (email, banking, merchant advance provider…) that you possess online or in the cloud that help you work day in and day out. Any accounts linked to your credit card information or shipping address will need to be changed to reflect your new location: take the initiative to update old passwords, make note of services you haven’t used in a while and trim them out, and make a backup of critical information. You wouldn’t want to lose important data if anything unfortunate were to happen to your IT supplies during the move.

Tell Google

Google knows where you live, and your business is better for it: when people search for you, the handy popup showing your hours, map location, and contact information comes from registration with Google My Business. Google registration also helps users find you along more general lines: if someone in the vicinity of your business searches for takeout pizza, a registered establishment will likely be at the top of their results list.  Users have reported some less-than-stellar experiences trying to move their location, but Google’s Jane Wang has posted a set of official guidelines:
Edit your address in Google Places for Business or in the Google+ page admin area, whichever you are using to manage the page. This will either make a new page or edit the address on the existing page. It may take a week or two after editing your address before you see an update. At this point, you may need to go through a verification process again. Don’t worry — this is normal.

Invite and Inform Your Customers

A move can be a marketing event in itself – make use of social media not only to inform your customers about important changes to where you can be found, but also to involve and invite them into being part of the process. Post photos! Tweet your progress! Hold a moving event in the last few days of your tenancy, or a housewarming sale once it’s time to open the doors on your new location. Where and When are the key facts to communicate: avoid creating confusion among your customers. If you will face some disruptions to your business hours, be transparent and honest while asking for that bit of extra patience during the move.

Plan for Costs

Moving is all about getting from one place to the next and landing on your feet as quickly as possible to minimize disruption to your business. Unexpected delays may incur significant costs: assess the worth of taking extra measures and investing in extra resources to help you make the transition smoothly. A merchant advance is a great tool to provide the funding to cover these costs if needed – and it can likely be repaid quickly once your business is up and running in its new location.

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